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god bless zara and starbucks!

The Making Of Harry Potter!
Anonymous asked:
Post pics pelease!!!!!!

thats what im doing :)

Anonymous asked:
When are you posting more pics!!

Don’t worry I’ll post today

i love paris!
brittn3yy asked:
Hey, Like your blog is just gorgeous ,your pictures or just perfect ,and you are pretty , Byeeeee :")

Thank you! Means a lot :)

Sorry i haven’t post lately I’m in Europe so I got no time to upload pictures, but I promise I got really good pictures for you

Anonymous asked:
Upload pictures of yourself! Or aren't you that pretty?

just upload one …

Tumblr, me
me, Tumblr

such a good book!

Four and six 
Anonymous asked:
I just have a big crush in your pictures!

Aww! Thank  you! 

Anonymous asked:
Hii I'm Deanna I just started tumblr and would really like if you give me some tips on how to make a good quality account!! I really like your pics and am really inspired thanks:) xx

just make shure that you really like the pictures that you post, and try to be an active blog :)