so my best friend was turning 15, and in colombia it is really importand, its like sweet 16, so i decided to give her a delicious gift ´FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS´ 
Anonymous: I love ur blog, ur pictures, I love you

thank you! love you too!

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ice cream is never a bad idea

i made a cup of tea ! 

im so exited for the world cup!

Neon nails cause im going to the color run Neon Night

yep im gonna get fat! 

Anonymous: How old r u?

I’m 14 years old :)

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Anonymous: Where did you get the FIJI water darling?

In Cancun, Mexico :)

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theres no need to call me ´sir´ Professor
p4y-zer: active quality blog that follows back similar! self promo in my ask if i can in yours! x

folllow her !!

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lotso is so cute and it  smells like strawberry!
quality starts here!